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Nitrogen and its application range are needed in welding of Taian precision pipe

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  We often hear that business people are trying to Precision tube Nitrogen is used in the processing of stainless steel products, especially in the process of welding. Many friends may not understand why nitrogen is required for welding precision pipes. Now, Wuxi stainless steel manufacturers will give us a popular science.

The function of nitrogen in stainless steel welded pipe is mainly reflected in three aspects: stainless steel base structure, mechanical function and corrosion resistance. The results show that nitrogen is an element which forms and stabilizes austenite and enlarges austenite phase. It can replace part of nickel in stainless steel, reduce ferrite content in steel and make austenite more stable. Even under cold working conditions, it can avoid the separation of harmful intermetallic phases and martensitic transformation.

The effects of nitrogen on the mechanical properties of stainless steel are as follows: nitrogen significantly improves the strength of stainless steel without reducing the plastic resistance of the material; Nitrogen can improve the creep resistance, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and yield strength of stainless steel. As an element to improve corrosion resistance, nitrogen can form NH 4 + in the pores, eliminate the produced H +, inhibit the pH value, thus inhibiting pitting corrosion and the dissolution rate of metals in the pores, and improve the local corrosion function.

304 precision tube is the most widely used stainless steel, food equipment, general chemical equipment, atomic energy industrial equipment. 304 precision tube is a kind of multi-purpose precision tube, which is widely used in the production of equipment and components that require outstanding all functions (corrosion resistance and molding).

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thirteen billion six hundred and three million two hundred and seventy-three thousand seven hundred and fifty-one
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