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thirteen billion six hundred and three million two hundred and seventy-three thousand seven hundred and fifty-one

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Finish rolling seamless pipe transaction in general

Release time: September 12, 2020 popularity: one

The Central Meteorological Station forecast on July 29 that in the next three days, there will be more showers or thunderstorms in North China and Northeast China, and there will be heavy rain or rainstorm locally, with uneven distribution of precipitation; There are strong convective weather such as short-term heavy rainfall, thunderstorm and gale or hail in the middle and east of Inner Mongolia and northern Hebei.

The weather forecast of steel city: during the day today, the rainfall range in China is wide and scattered, with heavy rain in southwest, South China, Jiangnan, northeast and other places, and in the next two days, North China will become the steel products Trading centers will also be plagued by rainstorms, domestic terminal demand will be significantly limited, steel market transactions temporarily difficult to volume

Due to the influence of rainy season in July, many provinces and cities suffered serious flood disasters, and outdoor construction of terminal was difficult to carry out Finish rolling seamless pipe The transaction is average, market Continuous accumulation is under pressure. This year, due to the epidemic situation and the particularly long plum rain season, the construction period will be delayed for a long time, and the construction progress will be accelerated in the later stage. However, in the short term, it can be seen that the rainy season has entered the high temperature season again, and the demand is difficult to be increased obviously. However, with the stop and stabilization of coke price, the ore inventory is still at a low level with tight structure and strong cost support, which is expected to be short-term Steel price High volatility, the late rising probability will gradually increase with the passage of time.

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thirteen billion six hundred and three million two hundred and seventy-three thousand seven hundred and fifty-one
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