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Manufacturing process of precision bright tube

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Outer diameter 43mm precision bright tube to ensure quality

Manufacturing process of precision bright tube

The precision bright tube is made of continuous casting round tube slab or blooming slab, heated by walking beam furnace, descaling by high pressure water, and then enters the roughing mill. The rough rolling material passes through the cutting head and tail, and then enters the finishing mill for computer controlled rolling. After the final rolling, it passes through laminar flow cooling and coiler coiling and becomes straight hair coil. The head and tail of straight hair curl are usually tongue shaped and fishtail shaped, and the accuracy of thickness and width is poor, and there are some defects such as wave shape, folded edge and tower shape.

The coil weight is heavy and the inner diameter of the coil is 760 mm. After the straight hair coil is processed by the finishing line of cutting head, tail, edge and straightening and leveling for many times, then the plate is cut or rewound, and the products such as hot-rolled steel plate, flat hot-rolled coil and longitudinal strip are formed. If the oxide scale is removed by pickling and oiling, the hot-rolled pickling coil is formed.

Geometric dimension and appearance inspection of precision bright tube:

(1) steel pipe wall thickness inspection: micrometer, ultrasonic thickness gauge, at least 8 points at both ends and record.

(2) inspection of outer diameter and ellipticity of steel pipe: calipers, vernier calipers and ring gauges are used to measure large and small points.

Steel pipe length inspection: steel tape, manual and automatic length measurement.

(4) steel pipe bending inspection: measure the bending degree of each meter and the total length with a ruler, level ruler (1m), feeler gauge and thin line.

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thirteen billion six hundred and three million two hundred and seventy-three thousand seven hundred and fifty-one
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